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Golden Globes 2019 Nominations New Rules

The Golden Globe 2019 Nominations is what people are waiting for, it holds their enthusiasm for their favorite actors, actresses, and movies. It is not just about the people, but also for those who work in the film industry would look forward to the nominations on this upcoming 6th December. After the nominations, there would be the annual ceremony which will announce the winner of each category. However, some rule changes should be paid attention to. These changes would significantly influence how the nominations are made. Before getting into the Golden Globe 2019 Nominations, it is better to look out for the changes first.

Golden Globes 2019 Nominations New Rules

The one which has always been considered is the blurred lines between the limited series and the regular series, with the genre of both comedy and drama. The change of category in different seasons (for series) should be allowed, and this year, the rules will apply to previously biased qualifications. HFPA members are not allowed to perform the qualifying songs live. There are also some changes regarding the cameos, while it is obvious already that cameo appearances are not qualified for acting awards, but the actor/actress playing a partially fictional character in a portion of the motion picture or television program might get a nomination. If there is a support cast member included in the movie, he’she should appear at least 5% of the total movie time. The movies made in English language but then dubbed in another foreign language won’t get the chance to be a nominee in the awards of the best motion picture – foreign language awards. A limited television series that has gone through the renewal process should be categorized again as series or limited series. But still, the degree of changes in theme, storyline, characters, and supervised production has to be under supervision until the next award season.

If there is an ensemble casts in a program with comparable roles, then it would be classified as all lead or all supporting role of an actor/actress. HFPA require the studio or the publicist to upload the television programs, songs, score, and picture to the Golden Globe awards. However, the request is not compulsory, and only the willing agencies would be able to participate in the event. Classifying the submission from the other member could be somehow confusing, and now the HFPA members could ask any of the studio crews or publicist to give a classification. If there is a misclassified drama, now the director of the movie should able to fix the problem. Hey just have to submit the letter to justify the initial classification. There sure a lot of new rules regarding the Golden Globe 2019 Nominations. However, if they truly desire the Golden Globe, a change like this would also be a chance for them as well. Many nominations predictions are available to read on the internet, but remember that it is the writer’s speculation and up until now there are no single official releases about the nominees, at least not now.

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