2022 Golden Globes Will Still Happen, But not in the TV

If you’ve never heard of this before, you’re not the only one. It used to be that the Golden Globes were presented to television viewers as an exhilarating night with the stars, complete with glitz and glam. Ricky Gervais, Seth Meyers, Andy Samberg, Sandra Oh, and Sandra Oh were all on the show. The Tina Fey/Amy Poehler show from last year took place in 2021, which was a little out of character.

2022 Golden Globes Will Still Happen

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association will announce the 2022 Golden Globe winners on January 9th. As a result, they are already back to where they were in late February last year, when the outbreak was still going on.

However, the Globes will be done in 2022. This year’s awards banquet will not be televised on television because of the epidemic (let alone one with an open bar). The structural causes haven’t yet reached the HFPA.

For starters, the HFPA doesn’t divulge its membership list, which is supposed to be comprised of 90 LA-based journalists who cover the film business for non-US media outlets. According to Vulture and the LA Times, some HFPA members are journalists, while others are actors, producers, and socialites.

There was no representation of people of color in the organization.

Officials claim that some of the members are inattentive and unprofessional, falling asleep during screenings and shouting obscenities at one other during press appearances.

Members of the group were compensated in kind as part of the story.

However, HFPA members are well aware that studios provide gifts and luxury food in exchange for their support, but this article went into great detail. Emily in Paris producers Paramount Network provided two nights at their $1,400-per-night hotel in Paris as part of this package. Both programs were nominated for a Golden Globe.

According to the research, the HFPA was corrupt, outdated, and useless. As a practical matter, the Golden Globes are best utilized to hone the acceptance speeches of aspiring Academy Award nominees. However, that window of opportunity may be closing.

By signing a public apology on March 6 and committing to promote openness in its voting procedures, the HFPA stated that it was re-evaluating its standards for ethical violations. Their stated deadline for implementing their plan is 60 days.

Around 100 public relations firms addressed a letter to the HFPA in mid-March stating that they would not provide the HFPA access to its clients unless changes were made. On the same day, the HFPA announced its intention to add 13 additional Black members to its ranks.

When Philip Berk, the former HFPA president, sent an email declaring Black Lives Matter to be a racist hate movement on April 18, the LA Times reported on it. On April 20, NBC said that Berk’s dismissal was required in order for the HFPA and the Golden Globes to proceed. “Deeply disappointed,” MRC, the company that controls Dick Clark Productions (the company that produces the Globes for NBC), said the new initiative must include “real change” and a “clear, tangible roadmap”. The HFPA’s crisis communications agency and diversity consultant also quit on the same day Berk was dismissed.

The HFPA declared on May 3rd that it intends to increase the number of Black and other underrepresented members of its ranks. However, the TV partner of the group as well as other Hollywood insiders were not happy. Several high-profile celebrities and Amazon Studios joined Netflix in boycotting the Golden Globes on May 7. Tom Cruise returned all three of the Globes he won.

Even though NBC paid millions of dollars to broadcast the Globes in 2022, the network announced on May 10 that it will not be showing them. We feel the HFPA needs more time to implement this adjustment properly since it takes time to make a change of this magnitude. According to NBC, the Golden Globes might return in 2023 provided the necessary changes are made.

Things have progressed since then. Members were no longer allowed to accept promotional materials or gifts from studios or publicists after amendments to the bylaws were made in August. On the face of things, it was a positive move. In October, the organization recruited 21 new members, six of whom were African-American, to its roster.

However, the show won’t be returning this year. The recent rise of Covid-19 cases might be a boon to the organization, since it will prevent the need for costly procedures.

There will be “much to talk” about the awards this week when I inquired about preparations for this weekend, a spokesman for the HFPA told me. The awards event at the Beverly Hilton on Sunday will only be open to “chosen members and grantees,” according to a statement released Tuesday afternoon. Variety first stated that no celebrities had agreed to provide the rewards, but that has now changed.