There Will be No Live Streaming Coverage of Golden Globes

The Golden Globes are back this weekend, but no one will be watching, online or off.

According to a spokeswoman for the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, there will be no livestream this year (HFPA). “Real-time Golden Globes information will be available on the website and on social media.”

Golden Globes 2022

Following the 90-minute session, a press release with all of the findings will be distributed.

The only link to any online mini-Globes is NBC’s multimillion-dollar, multi-year agreement with the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. According to a Comcast insider, there is no ban on the HFPA’s webcast, according to the New York Times.

NBC typically pays the HFPA $60 million every year to telecast the Globes. NBCUniversal, HFPA, and Dick Clark Productions signed an eight-year pact in 2018.

This year’s 79th annual awards ceremony lacks a red carpet, reporters, and celebrity attendees. The majority of studios’ “For Your Consideration” marketing did not include any of this year’s Golden Globe nominations.

Members of the HFPA and award winners will be in attendance at the Golden Globes on Sunday. To participate, all participants must have a recent negative PCR Covid test result.

At the ceremony, NAACP Hollywood Bureau SVP Kyle Bowser will talk about the Reimagine Coalition. In October, HFPA and a prominent civil rights organization reached an agreement to improve the presence of women and people of color in the industry by opening additional doors.

Because of a lack of diversity in the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, NBC will not telecast this year’s Golden Globes.

This type of reform takes a lot of time and effort, and we at Network believe the HFPA deserves a lot of both to do it right.
The 79th annual Golden Globes will not be aired or streamed online on Sunday for the first time since the 1980s. According to two former Hollywood Foreign Press Association members, the group will never recapture its former shine.

Both journalists resigned from the HFPA a year ago, stating their displeasure with being a member of an organization that ridiculed and tortured them.
The 2022 Golden Globes were revealed to be fully private on Thursday. During the ceremony, the winners will be revealed via live tweets and the Golden Globes website.

The gathering is likely to be devoid of celebrities and members of the media.

In response to concerns that the HFPA did not have enough black members, the organization established the “Reimagine Coalition,” a five-year program. This group, which established in the early 1940s in the United States, presently has members from 55 countries, the majority of whom live in the United States.
Xu, 38, works in China for World Screen, whereas van Hoogstraten, 39, works in the Netherlands for FD and Elsevier.

He argued that the HFPA had become an arrogant organization since it had up to 30 committees made up of self-serving individuals paid little or nothing.

Xu and van Hoogstraten have joined the Critics Choice Association, a 500-member club of critics.

When asked if they would ever rejoin forces again, both men said no.