Golden Globes 2020 Date, Start Time and TV Coverage info

Movie lovers should have been waiting for the Golden Globes 2020 to air. This recent year has been full of surprises, with all the ups and downs of our favorite movies. You should be curious about which movies and actors will get these prestigious awards.

golden globes 2020

Before you get to know which nominees will get which award, you should first know about the schedule: the date, start time, and TV coverage info. Especially for those who are mobile workers, you should pay attention to this valuable info or you would miss the excitement. You can always get some info from news articles, magazines or newspapers the day after. However, it would be different if you watched the awards ceremony live. Here is the complete information for you.

It was in the official announcement of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association at the beginning of this month; the date for 77th annual Golden Globe 2020 as well as the important events. First of all, the list of TV and Film awards nominations would happen on Monday, December 9th. The television broadcast for the live ceremony would be precisely on the previous schedule from the Beverly Hilton on Sunday, January 5th, 2020. The time of the event would be between 6:00 PM – 10:00 PM UTC -07:00.

There would be more than 200 regions worldwide broadcasting the ceremony live and you could be in one of them when duty calls. So what could you do not to miss the broadcast wherever you are? In the United States, NBC is the official station to air the awards ceremony. The station has been broadcasting the event since 1993 and this upcoming Golden Globes 2020 will be the second of their eight-year deal with HPFA in September. Stay tuned with NBC for further broadcast info, but you could also get more information from the official Golden Globes social media channels.

The Golden Globes 2020 awards is something you definitely shouldn’t miss since there were many intriguing entries this year. Look for live streaming services for NBC, there are some TV providers which allows you to stream the NBC broadcast from your region. Here are some lists of TV providers that cooperate with NBC: Xfinity, DirectTV Now, Dish, and Sling. If you have a schedule on the awards ceremony date, make sure to make a subscription to any of the channels above to gain access to NBC live streaming. Enjoy watching the Golden Globe 2020 awards wherever you are!